Floor Planning – Space Planning –


Space planning for your space.


What Is Included

★ Spacial Floor Plan 

★ Preliminary Design For Revision Notes Within 72 Hours Of Completed Intake

★ 3 Different Room Floor Plan Layouts

★ Detailed and Step By Step Guide For Room Set Up

★ Video Explaining Design and Design Aspects



✦ After you purchase you will be sent an agreement that can be digitally signed.

✦You will receive a client intake packet as an email attachment to the email you provided in your agreement form within 24 hours of receipt.  Be sure to be thorough and detailed in this form.  I will ask you to take measurements of the space, items you are keeping as well as taking photos of the space.  Your project cannot begin without this vital step.

✦Within 3 business days you will receive a preliminary design board with options to complete your revisions – this is your chance to give feedback on the preliminary design, this includes revisions, changes to your project.  After this we cannot “go backwards” and change your design request so please take your time and be thoughtful in your revisions.

✦After these steps have been completed I will begin to complete your design in its entirety within 10 business days.  This is not Express design – this is done by me and is a complete and thorough design.  If you need it sooner, you will need to purchase the expedited design fee.



❤ This is a collaborative, step-by-step process.

❤ You will receive email responses from me once per day and not instantaneously.

❤ Monitor and printer color settings differ.  The photos I create are for comparison and reference only.  You should always get samples to try in person before final decisions are made by you.

❤E-Design is not express design – you can expect to have your full design within 15-20 Business Days from purchase to completion.  If you require an expedited project, that can be purchased as an add on, per room.

❤If I do not hear back from you after you purchase, after I send the agreement, after I send the client intake packet, the consultation booking link, the consultation, the revision segment or the design completion for more than 14 consecutive days, your project will be considered CLOSED with no refund.

❤ Upon receiving the e-design plan, you will handle the final stages of purchasing and placement of items.

❤This product is a virtual e-design for interior design (no physical product will be shipped). Due to its nature, no refunds or exchanges are available. By purchasing this product, you agree to these terms and conditions.

❤If you have problems accessing the PDF or opening the Google Sheets File, before writing a review, please contact me on Etsy and I will help you out as quickly as possible.